A little bit about the Visit Wath site:

About Visit Wath CIC

A CIC is a community interest company and we are members of the community interested in Wath upon Dearne. We are part of why life is coming back to our village and we want to do more. We are all about moving forward with a thriving, connected 21st century community, which embraces the commercial developments on Wath’s fringe but keeps ethical trading principles at the village’s heart.

Visit Wath CIC is a rallying call to all Wath’s businesses to collaborate in regenerating our village from the inside. Modelling ourselves on Visit Bawtry and the ‘Bishy Road’ initiative in York, we aim to mobilise events, investment and energy. Practically and strategically, we will pool our resources to tell the world what Wath has to offer – places to eat, drink, relax, exercise, meet people and shop.

About Wath upon Dearne

Once described as the Queen of Villages by the poet and journalist James Montgomery, Wath upon Dearne is undergoing a process of regeneration from the inside. Gentrification imports businesses and inflates house prices, making it impossible for local people to stay local. Regeneration from the inside is fired by community spirit and a belief in the power of local enterprise.

From its origins pre-Domesday Book, through its links with the Wentworth Estate, various reincarnations as a centre for brewing, pottery and mining to its importance today as a family friendly market village, Wath has sustained itself throughout the years as a place where people want to live.

We all know that Wath upon Dearne hit hard times around the turn of the century, but our spirit stayed positive and strong. There’s still plenty here to bring people into the Queen of Villages and the intention of Visit Wath is to bring our riches to the attention of visitors from near and far.

We are the home of Wath Festival, a weekly market, five fabulous schools and a beautiful country park adjacent to the Transpennine Trail, a short bike ride away from Old Moor RSPB. We boast quaint houses, picturesque walks, a leisure centre, a musical theatre school and shops which are increasingly focused on ethical trading.

Visit Wath CIC is at the heart of our regeneration from the inside. We invite local traders and entrepreneurs to join us in telling the world just how great Wath is!

About Tracey, Mel and Lou

Visit Wath CIC was born out of conversations between local entrepreneurs Tracey Matthewman, Mel Swanwick and Lou Mycroft.

Tracey Matthewman
Tracey is a fully qualified accountant and local entrepreneur. From her welcoming and successful practice in the centre of Wath, she supports clients across the UK. She is ambitious, creative and gets the job done!

Born and bred in Wath upon Dearne, Tracey is from a hard-working mining family and she takes this ethic into her own enterprise, including part-ownership of a local family-run pub. She is very interested in the community of Wath and the welfare of others. She loves people to do well and makes a point of employing local people and providing work experience for students from Wath’s schools. She offers pro-bono support to spiritual and charitable causes locally.

Tracey is also a carer for her brother, who lives in her back garden (as featured on DIY SOS).

Tracey is Visit Wath’s control centre.

Mel Swanwick
Born and raised in Wath, Mel returned to her home village in 2007 after living and working in West Yorkshire for many years. With a background in youth and community work and regeneration projects, she is passionate about the area and the benefits of joint working for shared goals.

In 2016 Mel and her partner Roy Lomax opened the hugely successful ‘Wath Tap’, which is transforming the night-time economy of our village.

Mel is Visit Wath’s mouthpiece.

Lou Mycroft
Lou is an incomer, beating the current trend to move to Wath by about ten years. She leads a nomadic working life as a writer, educator and coach, working on education, public health and community projects around the country. She also runs Slimming World groups in her home town of Mexborough. Her son Fraser was raised in Wath and works when he’s home at Wath Tap.

Lou is Visit Wath’s wordsmith.