What I’m best at is creating the conditions for people to feel more powerful and hopeful, and more positive about themselves. Whether that’s writing, coaching, facilitating or public speaking, I use Thinking Environment processes to get people making powerful decisions for themselves. I work all over the country as well as online and I’ve even spoken at conferences overseas – not bad for a girl from Mexborough! Closer to home, I’m one of the three co-founders of Visit Wath and I run affirming, empowering Slimming World groups in my home town. I love doing activist stuff locally and digitally, but I’m allergic to committees and standard ‘hot air’ meetings, so please don’t invite me to them unless you want your foundations shaking 🙂 I’ll take any opportunity to help change the culture of organisations, public services and politics into places where people can be present as themselves and disagree with respect. Give me a call if you want to talk more.

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